Diode Dynamics Angled Rock Light Mount - Universal Fitment

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The OG affordable rack light solution.
Ever need that perfect amount of light at camp or when doing trail repairs? This Diode Dynamics rock light mount is a perfect solution to unleash all 1000 lumens when needed. It allows your light pattern to be aimed where it's needed most with an integrated 30° angle from the edge of the roof rack or mounting surface.

The mount is only compatible with the Diode Dynamics Rock lights. Rock lights are NOT included. Due to the increased operating temperatures of these lights when ran at full power, a heat plate & cooling channels have been added to prevent any type of heat soaking of the lights. These provide passive venting when parked and active cooling when moving. WARNING: These lights have gotten up to 212°F during our testing. Do not touch the metal surfaces if the light has been running for extended periods of time. Low Power mode is recommended for extended duration light needs.

These mounts feature a "universal" flat mounting surface with 2X 1/4" DIA. holes for mounting that are 1" apart. Unlike the rubber wedge & self-tapping screws offered by Diode this will allow you to mount rock lights anywhere you can fit two bolts. This includes the rear, sides, and undersides of most racks, rooftop tents, etc. Light can be flipped to allow top or bottom wire placement. These aren't guaranteed to fit any particular surface, but allow you to run them anywhere you please. Fully compatible with 80/20 nuts or other mounting accessories. For other light/rack combos please visit our shop.

These mounts are sold individually.
The Following 304SS hardware is included for install:
-1X laser cut aluminum heat plate (incl. w/ mount)
-1X M5X20 Screw (incl. w/ mount)
-2X 1/4" X 1" Button Head Bolt
-4X 1/4" Flat washers
-2X 1/4" Locknut

This mount is manufactured in Southern California at the A3D Print Farm from a premium ASA resin blend that features good impact, heat, and UV resistance and will provide a solid mount for years to come. Even better, its backed by our 1 year limited warranty. (see FAQ section for more details)

*Disclaimers* This part is made using additive manufacturing (3D Printing) and will display some of the common attributes like layer lines and minor printing imperfections. These are strictly cosmetic and have no effect on part performance. These mounts feature Heatsert threads, max light mounting Torque is 2.2 ft/lbs. (3 Nm), exceeding this can cause the threads to strip. Max Bolting torque on 1/4" bolts is 3.7 ft-lbs (5.8 Nm). Washers must be used on 1/4" hardware.

Due to continuous R&D you may receive an item that differs slightly than what is shown.

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